Requirements for presenting an application are that you have graduated from one of the participating school districts ever. Mr. and Mrs. Titus have created this legacy for their many years of hard work and dedication to family and community with this Educational Trust. The intent for this trust is to empower families that are growing up in the same geographical area as the Titus’ did to grow and prosper. They did not have the opportunity to have formal education and know life would have been a little easier with the formal education. Finding something you love and doing it to in a way that will make a living for your family. This statement is something they know about, because this is what they did and feel very strongly about it as a foundation for life.
The Foundation will operate under the direction of the Board of Directors and will use following guidelines.
  1. As first priority, to provide academic scholarships for the purpose of graduation from college and or trade and or vocational programs for students who attend certain “Qualified School Districts”. Unless modified by the Board of Directors, “Qualified School Districts” means Motley County Independent School District, Memphis Independent School District, Turkey‐Quitaque Independent School District, Patton Springs Independent School District, Paducah Independent School District, and the Floydada Independent School District. Upon a change of boundaries of any of the foregoing school districts, such school district shall lose its status as a Qualified School District unless the Board of Directors grants readmission to qualification.
  2. To supplement high school athletic programs Qualified School Districts in such a manner as would not disqualify the Corporation from its status as a 501(c)(3) corporation under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.
  3. To provide other academic opportunities to Qualified School Districts’ student bodies and faculities, including programs for teacher education and assistance to students in preparation of securing college admission and financial aid.
To be considered, applications must be submitted by April 15th, for the following academic school year. Scholarships will be awarded by May 1. Documentation including grades and proof of enrollment along with student ID and college mailing address for funds to be sent to must be in by July 20 for the fall and December 20 for the spring.

All Eligible students and teachers are invited to apply for scholarships and/or grants to assist with your future education. All questions and/or concerns should be directed to school@tituseducation.com.


Board of Directors